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International Fabric Swap

March 1, 2010

Recently, I have started hosting an international fabric swap over at my blog. It roughly goes like this: Monday morning I post up a piece of fabric someone has decided they no longer want, then people who would like it email with their details and a photo and description of a piece of fabric they no longer want. The following Sunday, at midnight Spanish time, I pick a recipient for the first piece of fabric using a random number generator. The next day (Monday morning again), I inform the recipient, pass the recipient’s address to the person offering it up so they can post it, and in turn post up the recipient’s fabric offering and the whole shebang starts again!

I thought I’d mention it here, as this week’s piece of fabric up for grabs is a cool retro/vintage item. So if you fancy this fabric, and have a piece you no longer want and are willing to post to anywhere in the world, then head over to here for a closer look!

Happy sewing! xxx

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