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Finshed: My "Carefree" Orange Silk Floral Maternity Dress!

March 14, 2010

Vintage McCalls 5921 sketch to final...

The Pattern:Vintage (1978) McCall’s 5921 “Carefree” Maternity Dress in Orange Floral Silk Twill.

It’s done and I (mostly) love it, but there was NOTHING carefree about the weeks of blood, sweat and tears I poured into this dress. As I detailed earlier this week on my blog, I’m not sure what possessed me to attempt all of the following on one project on a tight deadline:

  • First vintage pattern
  • First woven dress muslin
  • First stab at sewing with silk…
  • First time working with large-scale prints
  • First collar
  • First woven sewn garment in 5 years… and first woven dress in over 10 years (I’ve been on a knit kick!)

But never mind that! Here are various views of the dress before I wore it to my cousin’s bar mitzvah today:

Vintage 1970s McCall's 5921 Orange Silk Floral Maternity Dress

Vintage 1970s McCall's 5921 Orange Silk Floral Maternity Dress

Masheka and I on our way to the bar mitzvah...

It looked cute with my chartreuse silk cardigan, too:
Orange Silk Floral Maternity Dress Remix

A closeup of the collar:

Collar detail

And the fabric:

Fabric detail

Excruciatingly detailed review with my entire process and photos of multiple muslins and FBAs and slashed/spread skirt pattern pieces on my blog, Polka Dot Overload.

  1. Adorable…I love the way you've put the whole look together with the pink beads and chartreuse cardigan. I would have never thought of that but it looks to hip and trendy. Sweet picture with your man too!

  2. You did an excellent job! That collar is perfect! It's all perfect. I'm sure it's comfortable, since you took the time to make alterations (I know all about FBAs and they alone make all the difference in the world in terms of fit).

  3. I can't believe you were daring enough to attempt a maternity dress, period! I'd be so worried that I'd outgrow it before even getting a chance to wear it. Kudos to you for your bravery! I love the collar too.

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