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March 31, 2010

Some of these photos have been in my picture folder forever, I just never seem to get around to posting them for some reason! Anyway, here is a short roundup of the last few retro projects that I’ve sewn…

I loved the look of this bowling shirt as soon as I saw the pattern. It was sold in the day as either a men’s pattern or a woman’s pattern, unfortunately I could only get my hands on the men’s one but I doubt I will ever wear it done up, I see it more over a tank top with jeans, so I wasn’t too worried about the shaping.

I got the iron-on name badge from Etsy, I have ironed it on since taking these photos, it was just pinned on to make sure I actually liked it in that spot. The buttons I thought were cute although they’re more baseball than bowling, but they worked with the whole black and white theme.

And why not use a bit of zebra print whenever you can?!? I’m really happy with the way this shirt came out and I’m sure I’ll use the pattern again in the future for different colour and pattern combinations.

If you’ve read any of my posts before you’ll know I have a thing for vintage shirts and tops. I seem to especially gravitate towards 60’s and 70’s tunics for some reason. This is another one that was originally released as either a men’s or women’s version and I got the ‘Miss’ one this time around. I had a nice floral cotton in the stash which I thought would go well and this is the finished result.

I love the way this shirt came out, it’s so simple and yet it’s got such great style. I know I’ll be getting this pattern out over and over again over the years.

Next up is some sewing for my almost 3 year old. I do love a good pair of dungarees (I’ve posted about my previous sewing projects of those from vintage patterns).

As vintage patterns only come in one size for kids and mine had outgrown the last pattern I used I was happy to find this one on Mom’s Patterns. I omitted the snaps around the crotch as I’m not a fan of that look, and really how much harder is it to take dungarees off a toddler than it is a pair of trousers?

The fabric and applique were in my stash and the buttons came out of my Great Aunt’s knitting bag a week before I decided to use this pattern! The denim is medium weight so not too stiff for running around and throwing yourself on the floor in and I did the facings with some men’s shirting I had to hand.

I adore the way that these came out and as he’s now grown into them I have a second pair cut out in some babycord which I will try and remember to post when they’re done.

Finally a modern reprint of a vintage pattern, this one is from Simplicity 4047. I apologise in advance for the creases in it, I had taken it away with me before I could get a photo and didn’t bother ironing it before I did take one…

This fabric had been in my stash for a few years, it’s a shirting cotton with synthetic ric rac type stuff on it. I really love the way this pattern uses all different methods of shaping in one garment, there are tucks and darts along with curved seams, you just don’t get that nowadays which is a pity as it looks so good.

I was especially proud of my pattern matching on the back, normally I just chop out the pieces and don’t worry about it too much but it does look good when you take that little bit of extra time (I will admit I had to sew it twice as the first time I managed to miss every bit of matching by about half an inch!).

So, that’s what I’ve been up to with my retro sewing in the last few months. Along with the dungarees I also have a dress from the 70’s cut out which I hope to get to one day soon.

More of my sewing, retro or not, can be found on my blog finally waking up.

Happy sewing!


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