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Book on repurposing/recyling?

March 21, 2010

Has anyone come across a book that documents how to repurpose unwanted clothes? For example, I once saw a book from World War II that showed how to turn a man’s suit into a suit for a woman, how to use a man’s work shirt for the materials to make a woman’s blouse, how to turn men’s trousers into a skirt. Have no idea the name of the book or who the author was, I saw it a while ago. All I can find in the current books available is how to make aprons, dishcloths, place mats from such pieces, but I would love to take it a step further and really learn how to reconstruct great old thriftstore finds into something more than that. Any ideas?
Thanks! Laurie

  1. I take all the notions out of old clothes (for reuse) and then use the clothes for trim, quilts, rags, crafts, pillows, whatever I need

  2. A couple of my faves are sweater surgery and born again vintage, along with the blog, resweater and you might like some of the revamping I've done too!

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