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March 8, 2010

Greetings fellow sewing enthusiasts! No better day to blog about sewing than on my 38th birthday. Sewing can be relaxing for me as well as frustrating (seam ripping). Most of my sewing experience has been for my children. Recently, I am sewing for myself in between smocking dresses for my toddler. Simply love struck whenever I see a vintage hat or dress, I must indulge in a pattern for myself. ( I have a few tucked away for later.) Thanks to all who take the time to post their vintage creations, it is so inspiring.
Several years ago, I inherited a bunch of retro sewing patterns from a great aunt. One of them was a child’s petticoat. Another vintage pattern, is a housecoat for a 2 year old, I put together really easily using fleece instead of flannel. It was amazingly quick. You are humbly invited to read my blog , I really hope you find it useful and fun.

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