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February 25, 2010

I’ve started on the project of scanning all my patterns for my own reference (and it’s more necessary than I thought – I nearly bid on a pattern the other day that I already have! In the exact same size!). I’ve gotten one set done and turned it into a slideshow, which I thought you might all enjoy:

Also, I couldn’t get flickr to make a slideshow of them, but remember the Vintage Vogue Pattern Search Trudy posted about here? I’ve submitted 12 patterns! You can see them all here. Has anyone else sent anything in? I’d love to see them!

♥ Sarah

  1. I do this as I get the patterns. I like having them all in an album somewhere to look at instead of going to boxes of patterns. I put mine on Flickr along with a brief description and it works for me.

  2. I've always kept the envelopes in binders (separate from the patterns themselves) but I think going to flickr will make things much easier. Catching up though — that'll take a while!

  3. Thank you for the delight! I saw some patterns that I have stored back home (hope the little mice haven't gotten to them). I just love these beautiful styles!

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