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Missing Pieces!

February 2, 2010

help! does anyone of you lovelies have this pattern?
i feel like i need to make this asap! i know its only february, but puh-leese! this is south texas! i’ll be able to wear this for the next 10 months! i am missing pieces A and E, any scans or copies would be great! Thanks! christine

  1. i posted on pattern rescue already- but i'll be sure to try those other sites! thanks! i'm in san antonio, and at

  2. I don't have this Exact pattern, but one nearly identical. I think the difference is that my top doesn't have lapels. Let me know if you need me to scan and send you pattern pieces. Alternatively, if you're a convention geek like I am, I'll be at All-Con in Dallas in March and you are welcome to trace off the pattern yourself there.

  3. Good luck finding the pieces – it's a cute pattern. I have similar one, only it's a dress and doesn't include the shorts. I'm sure the great ladies here will pull through for you!

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