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Lady in reeeeeed (not really!)

February 13, 2010

Hi fellow retro sewists! This is only my second post here because even if I often sew vintage, the truth is I rarely succeed. This time my project does have flaws but it is completed therefore I’ve decided it IS wearable. I even made a very ghetto petticoat from an old kids’ costume to wear underneath! The design is Advanced 9190:

I made view 2 with the short sleeves. The skirt has 12 pieces, each of which has a dart, the bodice is cut in the bias and has pleats and ties. The dress closes with an invisible zipper at the front. It was quite easy and quick to sew, my only regret is that I didn’t have a serger when I made it so I had to zigzag the edges and it shows through the thin fabric 🙁

The rest of the pics are on my blog.

  1. Thank you ladies for your nice comments 🙂 I said "ghetto" because I made the petticoat with an old, small piece of worn out tulle, you know the "make do" kind of stuff!

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