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Ceylon – Colette Pattern

February 7, 2010

Hi all. Some time ago I posted a query regarding the Colette Patterns, in particular, the Ceylon dress. Many of you gave me some wonderful tips – thank you again!!.

Now, I know that Ceylon is not a strictly vintage pattern, but it is very much in the vintage spirit, so I wanted to show you my version of it made up:

I absolutely love this dress, and it was easily the most well drafted pattern I have ever sewn, with the clearest, best illustrated instructions:

Please come on over to my blog if you’d like to see some more pictures, and read more about the pattern. Thanks for looking!!

  1. are you sure you want to wear this???
    Take a look at your waist… and your breast and the colar!!! Perhaps it was easy to sew but not a pattern for you!

  2. Hi anonymous. Thanks for your comments – it is always lovely when you put your creations out there and someone (generally someone who doesn't put their name or a link to their website or email) decides to denigrate what you have done. So.. thanks again for conferring your thoughts in such a constructive way.

    I have written on my blog the fitting issues I had with this pattern – and people have written comments with some helpful tips – like doing a small bust adjustment and taking in a little off the top edge of the yoke. I've also written that I found the the sleeves a bit tight. The waist has a bit of excess fabric hanging over the belt – but that is fixed by pulling the dress down – it had just ridden up a bit. The waist is not as tight as it could be, but that is again easily fixed by moving the buttons over a tad.

    As for the breast and collar area, this is what I had asked people to comment on on my blog. Interesting that people gave me some great, useful tips — instead of telling me not to wear it.

    So, in reply to your question, I most definitely want to wear this dress. Even with these few fitting issues. Because I think I look great in it. So does my husband, my friends, and my family. I just now know for next time what to do to make it perfect.

  3. So, Anonymous – any reason why you didn't feel brave enough to sign your name?

    Rachel, that colour is absolutely gorgeous and the dress in the full-on picture looks really cute on you. Surely the shoulder/ collar thing is fixable, as is the gaping (I haven't read all the comments on your blog, but will go and do so now). The waist is exactly as per the pattern, so not quite sure what Anon's issue is there. Anyway, I love it when people talk about their mishaps and fitting issues, just as much as their out-and-out successes. Please do write about whatever changes you make, and here's looking forward to the next one (or any changes you make to this one)!

  4. Thanks Nathalie – you are a complete star!! I will definitely post the dress again once I've made a few changes. And when I make my 'good' version out of my 'good' fabric I'll be sure to post that too. I've replied to you over at my blog too.

  5. Rachel, thank you for posting pictures of your dress and detailing the process on your blog. This is what sewing and sharing our experiences is all about!

    It's a lovely style and color on you; I'm glad that you will wear it and that you gathered some good tips along the way!

    Happy sewing!

  6. yep, i think i'm convinced to buy the pattern too 🙂 the dress is stunning, and the colour definitely suits you!
    Ashley x

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