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Business is picking up!

February 28, 2010

While most of it hasn’t been “retro”, the newest client’s order IS! And I’m so thrilled. Here’s the pattern that I found at etsy. I’ll be grading it to fit my client. I’ll be off to the Fabric Mega Mart this afternoon to scope out appropriate fabrics which I will photograph and then upload to an online photo album for her to peruse.

I’m really quite excited, because this is the third order to come in in the last couple of weeks. I’ve got some cloth diapers to renovate, some baby gear to embroider and this suit. After I’m done with all THAT, then I can get to work on my daughter’s FHC dress.

I guess making the investment in a Bernina was a good idea!

  1. It looks like it's going to have to be since I suffered an arm injury and had been off sewing and couldn't do the work for the client. Drat and double drat. HOWEVER, in the interim, I scored a brand new Bernina Aurora 430E and some Occupational Therapy, so I'm on the way to recovery. 🙂

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