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Anyone? Jacques Heim 1488

February 1, 2010

Does anyone know where I can get my hands on this gorgeous Vogue Couture pattern, Jacques Heim 1488? A sewing friend has been on the search for sometime now. And from one vintage pattern sewer to another…you know how frustrating (obsessive) it can be to look for a pattern! Yet…how rewarding (exhilarating) it can to find it…

Appreciate any and all help. Leave a comment or email. Thank you, thank you!

  1. I know the Rusty Zipper purchases all our Vogue Couture patterns we don't need at COPA, so I would start there (although I've never seen this one before).
    If I were her and wanted it more for making it than for the pattern itself, I would just try and find something similar and alter it. Especially since you could wait years and never see this pattern!

  2. I don't have any leads, but it would probably not be too hard to Frankendress this one from two or three similar patterns from the same time period. It sure is gorgeous!

  3. Hi, this pattern has just been put to auction on ebay USA under 'Vogue Paris original sewing pattern Jaques Heim gown' and is being sold in a size B32". Good luck bidding if that is the size you want, hope this message gets to you!

  4. This is an example why we should trace our patterns instead of cutting them up and when we are culling patterns, contact a seller who might want to purchase the lot. A few years ago, before I knew about Vintage Pattern sellers, I put quite a few of my 70's and 80's and other assorted patterns in a plastic bag and donated them to ARC. I could kick myself for that one. And I agree, the pattern is beautiful.

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