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1950’s Bolero and Skirt

February 21, 2010

Today was an absolutely beautiful day for a photo shoot of the new outfit!  I made a bolero from the following pattern (Simplicity 3879):

The bolero was very easy to make and I definitely want to make more!  The only alteration I made was to shorten the sleeves so that the winged cuffs sit a bit higher on my arms.

I’m also making the halter top from that pattern in the same purple fabric that I recently used to make a 1940’s skirt.  I originally cut out the full skirt from the Simplicity pattern above but the more I thought about it, I realised I wanted more of a pencil skirt shape.  I searched through the few patterns I have to see if I had a skirt pattern that I could use with the already cut out material.  The only pattern I had that would fit was the skirt from this Butterick dress pattern (I used the slim skirt on the right):

Lastly, I was looking in one of my favorite stores, Monsoon, and came across a great gold blouse that they had on the clearance rack.  I think it looks perfect with the outfit!!

Here I am in the whole outfit and out and about in our wonderful small historic village in Scotland:

Lovely little lane in our town…

The whole outfit.  Ah, I am so happy with the way it turned out….now we just need some warm weather (it’s about 40 degrees in these photos despite the sunshine!!!) 
Check out more details and photos on my blog.

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