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What Should I Wear?

January 17, 2010

To a Hollywood Gala that ISN’T the Oscars or similar but IS an awards ceremony at which it is possible I might be honored with 2 other individuals? I need something that isn’t too trendy or spendy and is relatively easy to make (as there will be little time to accomplish this) and would have to travel well (I’m on the opposite coast)?

The starlets in evening gowns were *overdressed* last year and Shirley Jones wore a Chanel suit and was *underdressed* last year. HELP!!!!
The choices are Simplicity 0558 the middle view in black dupioni silk for the bodice and red merino wool for the skirt with some killer 4″ Naughty Monkey heels,
Butterick 5032 (the light blue one on the right) or Butterick 6582 view A (the black one). What say you all?

Any advice on possible fabrics for said outfits would be extremely helpful. 🙂

  1. I think the slit in the skirt for Simplicity 0558 is kind of…um…


    But Butterick 6582 is gorgeous! Especially in a navy or emerald.

    I hope you win (whatever it is you might)!


  2. I would echo Elizabeth and Garnet – Butterick 6582 wins my vote. There are a few contemporary "starlets" who always know what to wear, whatever the occasion. I'm thinking of Ashley Judd in particular. She reminds me of Grace Kelly, who also knew what to wear. 6582 reminds me of both of them so…. WWAW? WWGW? LOL!!!!!

  3. Of the three I would have to say B5032 because of of the many versions I've seen of 6582 (just check this blog), only one of them really looked like the envelope picture. I think 5032 would look great in a light-weight brocade or maybe even silk duppioni. However, I really suggest going with whatever the pattern envelope suggests, they usually don't steer you wrong.

  4. Thanks everyone for your input!Immediately after posting this, I went to the local Fabric Mega Mart and scored "sari fabric" for $2/yd in this amazing shade of turqouise. WITH matching sheer fabric. So it looks like the pale blue one of 5032 it is. I love only spending $6 for dress fabric and $7 for the train fabric. It's going to look like a million bucks (I hope).

  5. I would definitely recommend starting with a muslin of 3052, now that you've made your decision. I have had issues with the fit of that pattern, and I know others have as well, mainly it's built for broad shoulders, so the top line of the bodice doesn't sit flat. Definitely try it out first…but I think it will be beautiful in the fabric you describe. Good luck! Post your results!

  6. @Hannah – I've got a lovely pair of strappy heels that I got in Indonesia for my BILs wedding. They'll be perfect with it (I think). And since the shoes have these little rhinestone thingies on them, I can wear my [dowry] wedding jewelry.

  7. I made 5032 in the blue version for a cocktail wedding and it was great. It's really comfy and looks fabulous. The one thing that I would recommend is checking the fit of the bodice in a muslin first. The back is particularly wide and I had to take it in by about 1.5" to stop the shoulders falling off. Other than that it went together like a dream.

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