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January 27, 2010

I’ve finally figured out what I want to make for my eldest daughter’s First Holy Communion dress. Basically, a child’s version of this folkwear pattern. I’ve got some amazing dupioni silk and embroidered chiffon that would knock this out of the ballpark, but I’m at a loss for the ~pattern~ to make it happen. If anyone would know where to find such an animal, the gang here would. Current Big Three patterns are of no use to me since there really isn’t what I want in their current catalogs (grrrr).

  1. I was going to suggest the Sense and Sensibility pattern for girls as well. S&S patterns are well-designed and really nice to sew!

  2. I've got an email in to the owner of S&S patterns about a mod to the girls' pattern. Hopefully I hear back soon so I can get started. Thanks everyone for your help!

  3. If you have no luck with the other recommendations, check out Martha Pullen–she collects antique children's clothing and has some patterns for reproducing them. The patterns are great because they're all sort of interchangable, where one sleeve can go with six bodices, which can go with any number of neck and skirt variations.

  4. Check e-bay. The big 4 pattern companies used to make first communion dress patterns. You might be able to pick one up there.Good Luck!

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