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Simplicity bibs

January 18, 2010

I made these bibs from an old, 1971 Simplicity baby pattern (8580), bought from an Op Shop for 20c.
The basic bib pattern probably hasn’t changed at all over the years, but why buy new when I can have pre-owned 🙂 I love the imagined history (fabric choices etc) that comes with a pre-loved pattern … Knowing that somebody else has gone through the same thought process as you, albeit 30 or 40 years ago …
… it’s made me think that I might start slipping a small photo of my finished projects inside the pattern envelopes, so that in many years to come, when my patterns are doing the Op Shop circuit again, the new sewers can see exactly what has been done before without having to try and imagine it 🙂

  1. Linda that is a fantastic idea – I am going to do that too!! I always wonder what kind of creations people have used it for prior to me picking the pattern up.

  2. Yes! Great idea. I love finding things in pattern envelopes (there's a 'found objects' section on if you're interested), but have yet to find a picture of the actual garment.

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