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New Year Goal Complete!

January 5, 2010

This year I had a goal of organizing my pattern stash. I think I might have gone a little overboard, though. The good news is that I now have a list of every pattern so that I can quickly locate just what I’m looking forward to. I never realized just how many vintage patterns I actually have. 82 out of 165 are vintage or vintage reissue.

You can read about my escapades at my blog.

  1. I'd kind of like to read about your escapades HERE on Sew Retro.

    Couldn't you at least go to the effort of posting a few pictures, so that your blog spam isn't so blatant?

  2. What kind of pictures would you like? I've been blogging on this site for a while now – though erratically. I'm sorry you don't approve. I've been a member here since 2007 and as far as I can tell, links to one's blog for further elaboration are entirely acceptable.

  3. Any sort of pictures would be great – livebird's post about her dress gives a perfectly lovely example, and the cowboy PJ's in that vintage repro fabric were pretty great. I visited fuzzylizzie's blog as a result of seeing her post. I also visited your blog after the polka dot post you made last year, and also after seeing the picture of your cruise dress.

    "Further elaboration" implies that your post contains preliminary information or an overview of some sort of project. This isn't the case with this particular post; you just said "come see my blog" but didn't bother to post anything else. It was simply a request for traffic. Hardly a crime, but spammy nonetheless.

    Speaking for myself, I visit blogs after reading about a project, pattern, or fabric that seems interesting. It seems that more and more people are simply posting a message that says "come to my blog to see my retro projects". Kind of frustrating, IMHO.

  4. The "project" was the spreadsheet of my pattern stash. I highly doubt that anyone wants to see a screen cap of the filename on my desktop but that can be arranged. There's no physical item per se to see. It's not about "driving traffic", but not cluttering up this blog with things that are [slightly] off topic but might perhaps be of interest to the readers here. Out of respect for the rest of the bloggers/readers, I felt it was better not to post a long dissertation about something that had A) no pictures and B) might not be of interest to everyone. I left the choice up to the individual reader whether or not they wanted to know more about how I ended up with a spreadsheet. Had the post been more directly about vintage sewing, fabric or patterns, it would have ended up as a longer post with pictures.

    I certainly CAN provide a screen shot of my desktop with the file icon thereon… But it would probably bore people to tears…

  5. Llama, llama ~ I'm not bored to tears! I played with my patterns this past weekend too and I'm proud to say I've got you beat. I own 334 patterns, 97 of which are vintage. Gill doesn't seem to appreciate that sometimes playing with your stash is more fun than actually sewing. Spreadsheets aren't boring either – mine is cross referenced to my fabric swatches (organized in a binder by yardage and labeled with the # of the box their in). So now I just pick a pattern, and search my spreadsheet to find what my fabric choices are. We all need to take a sewing break and reorganize our sewing room from time to time. So thanks for the motivational post!

  6. Jill – YOU WIN!!! Lawsamercy, I'm not ~that~ organized! All my fabric is in SpaceBags so it doesn't take up too much room… Oh yeah… I forgot… The bins under the space bags… and the drawers by my sewing table… and the dining room window seat… Uhh… Yeah… But at least I organized it all… I'm gonna blog about that later. And maybe I'll post pictures, because fabric is so much more interesting to look at than oh… comma delimited text, lol.

  7. Jill, I enjoy playing with my own stash a great deal, so I understand the joy others might take in theirs.

    Llama, my own vintage pattern stash is scary and haphazard, largely because I can't decide if I should sort them by pattern number or era or style or type of clothing.

    I would frigging LOVE to see your system, because frankly, I'm fresh out of ideas (seriously, spacebags? Why did I not think of that???). I also think that pattern storage for collections that include vintage patterns is completely on topic in a sewing forum.

    I'm also an accountant, so I'm a bit of a spreadsheet geek, myself. Your spreadsheet would probably make me envious and excited, just as looking at livebird's dress does.

    Still, a post that says "come see my blog, because I might have interesting things on it" is pretty much a request for traffic, aka spam, unless it contains more information and/or pictures.

    Hey, it's my own personal opinion. You're as entitled to ignore it as I am to voice it.

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