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January 27, 2010

Hi, I’ve been following Sew Retro for awhile and finale have taken the plunge and started a blog.

My name is Jasmine aka Atomic Mum, I’ve been sewing for years, due to my mum. Fell in love with retro due to a game my hubby and I were playing, one thing lead to an other and here I am.

I live in Cairns, Australia with hubby, three children and one dog. The first vintage out fit I made was an apron, I love it, I live in it, it’s my new best friend. Why we don’t all wear them I don’t know.
  1. What a wonderful apron pattern! Not only is it pretty, but check out that coverage. Seems like it might actually keep your clothes clean. 🙂
    Since I don't think I'll ever find the pattern, I'll have to see if I can reverse-engineer it.
    Love your color choice.

  2. Welcome to the world of "once was old, now is new"! I love vintage, also! Your apron is lovely…and, I don't know why we don't live there…it's such a wonderful place! ;D

  3. What a perfect apron! I love apron and was just gifted a vintage apron pattern that I'm dying to whip up. Yours pushes me to get to work.

  4. Jasmine, what a great apron. I work as a maid and wear a vintage looking (black and white) uniform where I work. I have been looking for an apron like that to "pop" over my uniform for messy jobs. I also thought an old style wrap around pinny would be good , but I don't think they are made anymore.

  5. Oh how darling!!! I would be tempted to make it into a dress it is that fabulous!!

    I love the colors you chose for your fabric.

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