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My first Enid

January 9, 2010

Hi, I’m loving this retro look right now, and am really excited to have found Sew Retro 🙂

My name is Linda from Adelaide, Australia.

Sometime last year I found my first Enid Gilchrist pattern book in an Op Shop for 20c … since then I have been collecting as many as I can find … I am still amazed at how many patterns she could fit into each book! My collection ranges from babies through to adults, with my favourites being the women’s patterns … the fashions, from about the 50’s through to the late 70’s, are just awesome 🙂

I recently made my first Enid dress (blogged here)… the pattern, style and fit were all perfect, and I can’t wait to make some more 🙂
My blog is called Clickertyclick 🙂

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