Lily’s intro

January 25, 2010

Hi everyone! My name is Lily and I’m from Australia. I love to make my own clothes, which is just as well as I am poverty stricken and have very expensive taste 🙂 I love vintage clothes, but I have yet to find any that actually look any good on me, and I can’t stand commercial sewing patterns, so I make my own vintage-influenced patterns. I’m too lazy to try an “authentic” vintage look (although I do adore it), so the clothes that I make tend to be fairly contemporary interpretations of vintage styles and I often use vintage fabric that I find on ebay.

I don’t really have a favourite era… I love Regency dress, the Edwardian period, the 20s, 30s, 50s, 60s and some 70s… so basically everything except the Victorian era and the 40s!

This is my latest creation. More pictures on my blog, so please check it out!


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