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Introduction, with dirndls

January 3, 2010

Hi all! I’ve been meaning to join Sew Retro ever since I discovered it in 2008. That’s… a lot of procrastinating.

My name is Susannah, I come from the US and I currently live in London. I’m mildly addicted to vintage patterns, especially from the mid-30s to early 60s, and spend a lot of time compensating for the lack of quality women’s workwear nowadays by buying and making wardrobe pieces from previous eras. I’m happily working my way through my pattern backlog while holding down a job that doesn’t involve sewing and is therefore obviously of minor importance except insofar as it allows me to wear the clothes I make.

I first decided to join Sew Retro when I read this post by Notamermaid and decided to revolutionize my work wardrobe with a dirndl skirt. So elegant! So easy! Appropriately enough, I made my first dirndl in a mermaid print by Heather Ross. It was a breeze to put together — I didn’t even need a pattern. It was also my first experience with the new quilter’s cottons and sparked a passion for fabric that has stayed with me (and my overdraft) ever since.

The mermaid dirndl

Read about the mermaid dirndl and its amazing life-saving powers.

Bonus: the cowboy dirndl!

Cowboys and… puppies? Sure, why not?

Read more about it at my blog, Cargo Cult Craft.

  1. I'm amazed by the power of the life-saving dirndl! Really, as I said the other day, I must bring the dirndl back into my wardrobe. Especially now that I know of its powers.

    And I adore the cowboy dirndl! That is some stunning fabric! Great job!

  2. Ooh, I found 3yds of that same cowboy/ puppy fabric a few months ago (although mine has a black background where yours looks navy in the pic). I haven't used it yet, but the dirndl looks really fab. How much yardage did you need for it?

  3. I'm so glad you liked my dirndls! All of my original ones are waiting in my closet to be sized down (I started running a few years ago and have changed sizes as a result). I'd recently been considering making a new dirndl or two – seeing yours, I'm re-inspired and may finally get around to making the new ones and downsizing the old ones!

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