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January 15, 2010

And I’m a sewing pattern addict. You’d think after having created a spreadsheet for the madness that is my collection – see? I upgraded from “stash” to “collection” – that I’d swear off buying patterns for a while. After you’ve stopped lauging at with me, I’ll proceed to tell you all about my recent finds.

As I said before, I’m an addict. I will buy patterns just to possess them. And gee, I hope I spelled that correctly. Anyhow, I have this compulsion to buy certain patterns before they are “gone forever”. Those patterns are the “retro” patterns that are re-released by the Big Three. If you thought I’d geeked out on you all with the spreadsheet, it gets *worse*. See, the Big Three have SALES at the local Mega Fabric Mart. Simplicity for 99ยข? I’m on it. Butterick or McCall’s for a buck ninety nine? You bet. Vogue for $3.99? Hellzyeah. But I was having this problem of when to time my shopping for optimal pattern achievage. Until I realised that the sale dates are listed in that flyer I get bi-weekly with the lovely coupons and such. So here’s the geeky part: I put the sale dates in my Google Calendar. And then I took a “mental health day” and went to the local Mega Fabric Mart and made notes of every single pattern in the books that I might want. And I carried it home and cross-referenced it with the spreadsheet, marking off patterns I already owned. So yesterday was the beginning of the sale on Butterick. I had 12 patterns on my list. I came home with 10 of them. Not because of the 10 pattern limit, but because they didn’t HAVE two of them. GRRR. Boo… Hiss…

Here are just three of them:

Butterick 4919

Butterick 4918

The first one is so retro in it’s sensibility, I couldn’t HELP but get it for something to actually wear. And doesn’t it remind you of my girls polka dotted dresses? I would, of course, make that one with the skirt cut on the bias. How could one not? It cries out for it. Shame on them for making the skirt with the straight of the grain. Although they *did* match the pattern pretty well.
I’ll tell you about the other batch of patterns later.
  1. This is hilarious! I can completely relate. I do the same sort of geeky things (mark pattern sales in my calendar, keep a notebook in my purse with patterns I own and still want to purchase)! Thanks for the smile….:D

  2. I do that too, putting the sales in my planner. And I know the feeling of waiting for a sale only to find they're out of the pattern you wanted most. I've been waiting for a particular pattern for ages & it's always out of stock on sale date. Arrggh!

  3. I need to find out when they have the $1 sales at Joanns. I'm there about twice a week, but rarely look at the fliers. But when I see the $1 sales I definitely go and stock up. I have made the Butterick pattern listed above for my daughter out of red silk. It is my favorite dress for her! The pattern is a bit strange with the tie, however.

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