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groovy play dress

January 2, 2010

I started sewing this dress for Miss almost 3 back in June 2009. Then it sat in my ufo basket waiting for me to add hems, handsewing, buttonholes and buttons. A whooping 6 months later, I’m pleased to say that I finished it today. Luckily she hadn’t grown enough for it not to fit.
The play dress is made from a pattern drafted from Enid Gilchrist’s ‘Toddlers clothes’ book with 2 lots of remnants. It’s an unusual color combination for a toddler – off white & black – but I think it looks really striking. An ideal twirling dress! I’m planning to make a lot more Enid Gilchrist vintage inspired wear for Miss almost 3 this year. You can follow my adventures with Enid’s patterns on my blog
  1. I made a lot of Enid Gilchrist clothes for my kids (now 20 & 16) which was from a book my husband's baby clothes were made from – fabulous patterns and that dress looks fabulous on your beautiful girl!

  2. I agree – the colour combo is striking. I love it. It does bring back memories. I was dressed in Enid Gilchrist patterns throughout my childhood. (I wish mum wouldn't have gotten rid of all those books!)

  3. I love that groovy bold print, and it looks great on a little girls dress. She's so lucky. And congratulations on finishing a languishing project!

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