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January 15, 2010
Hello everyone. I am intrigued with Colette Patterns with their very vintage stylings. So intrigued I just bought this one, called Ceylon:


I looked on pattern review to see what people thought of these patterns, and their experiences, but couldn’t seem to find any reviews.
So…. has anyone ever used one? There are pics of people’s creations on their website, but I wondered if anyone had any tips/stories to share about any of the Colette patterns?
Many thanks!!
  1. There are several reviews from my memory on pattern review – you just have to search for colette patterns specifically. . . I would try Gertie's Blog listed as one of Sew Retro's sewers – I'm always interested in Collette patterns myself!! I haven't sewn one – but am going to this month!!

    Also, in the Colette gallery – they do have links to certain blogs as well!

  2. Hi Rachel
    I've read good things about Colette Patterns and have just bought the Sencha blouse pattern. At first glance the instructions look very clear – I'll let you know how I get on!

  3. As another commentor mentioned, I made up a version of the Ceylon dress myself. It's a lovely pattern, as are the others of the Colette Patterns line that I've sewn! All the patterns are beautifully presented and the instructions very clear. I love how easily they go together too! The only tip I have about using CP is that if you have a smaller bust size, you may need to go down a size in the bodice or do a small-bust adjustment (information on that here and The patterns are all drafted with a larger bust (C+ cup size) in mind.

    ♥ Casey
    blog |

  4. Thank you again everyone, I really appreciate the tips. Casey – I've seen your beautiful ceylon dress – it is truly gorgeous, and was the reason I wanted to make one in the first place!!!

    Thanks again everyone.

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