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January 19, 2010
I’m heading back to work in a few short weeks after having 14 months maternity leave, so I’ve been sewing like a madwoman lately! I’ve churned out quite a few projects, including several vintage pieces.
First up I made a little girls dress for my daughter’s first birthday from Butterick 5521, which is a 1977 pattern. I made it from modern fabrics though (some seersucker cotton), but I don’t think you’ll see this style of dress in any children’s store. It’s a ‘special occasion’ dress, because that big, white collar is sure going to attract some stains I think!

Next I made a circle skirt for myself from a sturdy cotton printed in a caramel/yellow bias plaid pattern that I bought in an op shop some time ago. I used Style 1932, which is a 1970s version of a 50s style circle skirt, right down to the poodle applique. However I made a fundamental mistake with this one – I was so busy trying to match the plaid pattern at the seam lines (which I failed in anyway) that I overlooked cutting the skirt panels on the bias and as a result the skirt doesn’t ripple evenly around the body. It’s not too obvious from this photo, but the skirt does tend to gather at the centre and side seams and I seem to be constantly rearranging the folds. Oh well, notch that one up to experience, when a pattern says cut something on the bias it’s for a reason! The white blouse is made from a Burda magazine pattern.

My most recent project is a bow tie neck blouse made from Simplicity 4676. So simple to make, yet it came out fantastically in terms of fit and finish without any alterations to the pattern. This is also made in a modern fabric, a dark red pinstripe, but there was a scrap of fabric in the envelope from the previous owner which funnily enough was a dark blue pinstripe fabric!

Sadly now my overlocker is burnt out and in need of a service so the sewing has to come to a halt for a little while. Might be a good time to clean up my sewing room! Or not…..

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  1. These look great. I've been especially obsessed with tie neck blouses lately though I haven't made any yet. That circle skirt is adorable too.

    I haven't seen you post in a while since you had the baby. You look fantastic and it's hard to believe how quickly you're back to your former figure.

  2. these both look great! everybody seems to be having so much success with their tie-blouses, i wont be able to get away with not making one too much longer!

  3. All three projects are wonderful! But I think my favorite is the skirt. It's so versatile, and such a gorgeous pattern/color!


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