Vintage Sewing

My first vintage sewing project EVER…

December 2, 2009

Hi everyone.  I am very excited to have found Sew Retro and love reading about all of the great sewing projects everyone is doing!  I am very new to vintage sewing (or any sewing for that matter) and decided to start with a pattern that said “simple to make”. It is Simplicity pattern 2756 for a one piece dress. I chose the version that has a detachable collar and cuff (the one on the right).

I decided to make 4 different collar and cuff combinations (I know, I just jump right in…). I am very happy to say that I just finished (well, almost…I still need to do the hem) the first version which has a mustard colour collar and cuff.
Check out the other collar/cuffs for this dress and my other sewing adventures at my blog

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