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Hi all!

December 1, 2009

I’m Karin, a long time seamstress (though I had a LONG break during my first years at work), recently turned vintage-pattern-and sewing-addict. Thank you so much for inviting me to join Sew-Retro!

Other than being a sewing enthusiast and lover of pretty and old things I’m Swedish, live in Stockholm, and spend my days working as a landscape architect. Oh, and I’m addicted to fresh air, and love sailing, so in the summer I spend most of the weekends on the race-corse (sail-racing that is), if I get the chance. But I hope for more time to sew next summer.

My first piece of vintage sewing is this blouse, Mc Call 6520, from 1946. I made it in a very cheap but good quality cotton remnant. It took me a week of enthusiastic weekend- and evening (nighttime too) sewing, although it was quite a simple project.

There are eight darts around the waist, and the cuffs were a challenge for me (I was helped by “The Complete Book of Sewing” by Linda Gibson, I love all my sewing-technique bibles!).It’s always a treat to learn new things though. And I’m happy with the result!
The pattern was really easy to work with, and the instructions (except for the cuffs) were clear and helpful. This was a printed pattern, which surprised me a bit (considering it’s so old). And I actually made it without copying the pattern first, which for me feels like cheating. But the pattern was in really good condition, so I decided it was ok.

More about this (and future) projects in my blog Ancien-Nouveau (I love Art Nouveu and intend to make loads of modern clothes using antique patterns, preferably from the 1930’s, hence the name. And I love wordgames!).
Hope to see a lot more of you all in the future.
Now I’m on to a 1930’s dress (my first project using an unprinted pattern)!

  1. Thank you all so much!
    I'm actually not sure if I had taken up sewing vintage if it hadn't been for Sew-Retro… this site is such a great source of inspiration, and proof that vintage can be truly modern!

  2. Wow, fantastic work! I am wary of bows, but it works so well on your blouse and love the color. Keep working, I'd love to see more!

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