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November 15, 2009

Hello all!

I just pulled an “all-nighter” sewing this little number:

I present to you my day of the dead party skirt! I wanted something a little longer, more formal than the every day skirt. Plus, this scarlet linen matches perfectly with red lips, which is also a party must! I didn’t use a pattern, but rather based it off of Gertie’s tutorial on her blog. It’s got that retro flare that I so adore, with a splash of macabre. I sewed some silk flowers onto lapel pins to add some removable detailing at the waist, and to tie in the colors in the hem fabric:

Now bring on the parties!

  1. I just made a *SQUEE!* noise. That Day of the Dead fabric is awesome! I love the expression on the skull furthest to the left – he looks bemused. Well done you : )

  2. What a great border. That skirt is such fun, and lovely too. My favourite is torero skeleton – no fear of being gored for him!

  3. Hi there, lovely skirt! I'm really curious about the bottom seam. Is it an impression (the angle of the photo) or did you run piping cord to give it extra oomph and volume? Please do tell!

  4. So good! How could you fail to have a great night wearing a skirt like this?! The flowers are a nice touch too, maybe you could wear one in your hair as well for extra flare?!

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