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Last Party Attempt: Simplicity 3712

November 30, 2009
This was my pattern. I made the view 2, red skirt. I did not make the “weskitt”(aka vest, aka sleeveless jacket) or add those giant pockets.

Sewing it was easy, but it turned out quite horribly. So I could wear it to a party….if the lighting is dim and everyone’s tipsy. Part of it is I made it out of gabardine, I think. Some kind of processed wool, according to the lady at the store.

So I would say pardon the blurry self-timer photo, but the skirt looks its best blurry.
For people who might make the pattern:
Next time I am cutting both the front and the back on the fold, although the pattern wants seams there. Then, I am putting the zipper on the side. The seams are too heavy for the fabric and it drapes oddly.
More pictures, details, and the bonus pants pattern I found in the envelope here!

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