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Introduction + Pink frenchy fabric dress!

November 25, 2009

Hello crafty mavens, my name is Enken and I live & sew in the hot and dusty city of Adelaide, South Australia! I dearly love vintage clothing, but being a swing dancer is very hard on beautiful old clothes so I mostly sew my own ‘vintage’ from old-school patterns these days. My favourite thing about vintage clothing is the detail we just don’t find anymore, like handmade buttonholes and embroidery, and I try very hard to incorporate these touches into my own sewing. I just finished this dress, it’s made from a vintage Vogue pattern which was reissued as Vogue V2960. I found the fabric in an op-shop, it has darling little pictures of French cafes and the Eiffel Tower on it! The buttons are also vintage plastic ones; it took me a long time to find the perfect ones.

Thanks for looking! I have a brand new vintage sewing blog at Whipstitch Sewing. More details there! xo

  1. That fabric is absolutely amazing, and the dress looks so cute on you. Definitely following your blog now – can't wait to see what else you come up with!

  2. Um, this is one of the most fantastic dresses I have ever seen! Amazing vintage fabric? check. Beautiful 50's shape? check. Super-cute contrast buttons? check. Really well fitting? Check mate!

  3. As a fellow swing dancer, I can definately appreciate how awesome that dress will be to dance in. So much skirt awesomeness! Love the fabric and shape of the dress!

  4. This pattern looks like the original of one of those that Vogue have reproduced, new number is V2960.

    Love the fabric and the dress

  5. Beautiful! I have the repro pattern and am dying to use it. Are you wearing a petticoat under the dress in this photo? How much shorter did you make it?

  6. Great dress. The fit is amazing. I truely appreciate the good luck in finding that beautiful fabric as I am from the Barossa and SA is a blackhole to the vintage lover. (Actually, to sewists in general!)

  7. Thank you for the kind comments everyone! Isn't it a lovely pattern?

    Pam – I made the dress about 10 cm shorter – because I am short! Yeah there is a petticoat under it as well for fluff!

    Mischka – You have the best op shops out in the Barossa!!!! If I can ever convince anyone to drive me out there it is a super happy day for me. But yes, SA = bad news for sewers in general 🙁

  8. Oh, I just love it! This dress looks so charming and beautiful on you! You obviously have great sewing skills. I have been thinking of making it for awhile and I'm afraid to dive right in…it's been a few years since I've done any sewing, although I was fairly good at it! Would you say that the pattern is advanced or somewhat easy to sew?

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