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October 15, 2009

This is butterick 5030 – still alive and selling at your nearest pattern outlet. It’s definitely got a vintage feel, with its gathered shoulder, nipped in waist and full skirt but the sizing is very much kinder to this generation of seamstresses.

I sewed this in viscose (a type of Rayon) which I bought from Salvage, which is a shop specialising in vintage fabric and notions for sewers here in Auckland. Kay only sells pre 1970 fabrics, so it must hark from before that era.

I’ll write a full review on Pattern Review with techinical information about the sewing of this dress for those of you who are inspired to give it a crack yourself. For those who just enjoy looking at a piece of vintage fabric finally having it’s day, happy viewing.

  1. Very cute! The fabric suits it well.

    (We appear to have the same glasses, which of course means we have to do some kind of transcontinental metaphorical high five ; )

  2. I made that myself and you're right, the proportions are very modern. Too bad I myself am built vintage . . . I had terrible gaping issues at the top. Yours looks lovely! I'm jealous you got to work with viscose. The only place I ever see that fabric is in the Boden catalog.

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