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The Dress..

October 12, 2009 back in pieces.
After studying it, hubby said my shoulders slope down and I need to make some major adjustments in the bodice.
So I ripped it out and in a day or two, when I am feeling less violent towards it, I will have hubby pin it where I should adjust it and go from there.
On a side note:
One of our fellow RetroSew bloggers, Nancy, from Waiter Waiter Percolator
Has been going through a rough month. Her hubby went in for a procedure and should have been home in three days and now, a little over four weeks later, he is just now able to be awake and they are weaning him off medications.
Yesterday was her birthday.
Today is their anniversary.
Please pop on over to her blog Waiter Waiter Percolator and wish her and her hubby a blessed anniversary and a belated happy birthday!
I went through the same thing they are going through 10 years ago with my mum-in-law……it was so very hard , but once she got on her feet again, she was in good shape. By the way, she has been and continues to be quite the active woman, so here’s wishing the same for Alex!!
  1. I've been reading Nancy's blog and sending good thoughts for a few weeks; however, I never thought of doing this.

    So, how incredibly sweet of you to pass this information onto the sewing community so that others can get involved. Thank you!

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