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New to Sew Reto, but not to sewing!!!

October 6, 2009


I am Jenn, otherwise known as Lady Jenn. I have been sewing for about 20 years and I love to sew vintage clothing – mostly because they are very well constructed and they look wonderful on my hourglass figure!

I also sew vintage clothing for my daughters, who are 14, 12, and 4. I try to sew vintage clothing for my boys, ages 17, 9, andn 7, however there are not lots of patterns for boys that can be stylish today.

As you have been counting, I am the mother of 6 children! They do keep me busy – so much in fact, that most times, I try to sew for only 1 hour per day; otherwise, I could spend all day sewing and sewing and sewing (I mean, who needs to eat while sewing?)

Here is a dress I recently finish for myself. It is a vintage reproduction evening gown from the 1930’s. While, you can’t see it very well – I promise to take more picures – I beaded the neckline and the waistline. I made it for a “dining out”, which in non-military terms, means a formal dinner and dance. The cute bald man in the picture is my husband! (and no, I didn’t make his uniform – though it would be cool to try!)


While this picture is not yet posted on my blog, there are lots more things posted there! I try to post about all the things I sew, but sometimes, I sew so many things, that I forget to take a picture!

  1. That is a very pretty dress! I love to sew, but generally don't have the time…I admire you for finding time within your busy life! keep sewing!
    Glad to have found your blog 🙂

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