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Hello Everyone!

October 27, 2009

My name is Emma, and I’m new to Sew Retro! I’ve taken up sewing vintage patterns as a way to combat the frustration of being unable to find many clothes I like in mainstream stores, and the fact that there is a bunch of ebayers in my area who pick the op-shops clean of anything decent! Boo!

I have a whole bunch of projects lined up for the summer when I’ll be free of uni, so expect to hear more from me soon! In the meantime, have a link to my blog: and a few photos of my works so far.

  1. Thank you so much everyone! What a welcoming community 🙂 The pants ARE fabulous, aren't they? It's actually a readily available modern pattern (with vintage stylin') from Butterick – I suggest you all snatch up a copy!

  2. Oh Emma – I couldnt agree with you more!!! Boo to all those scavanger ebayers !!!! Your clothes look wonderful – love the brown skirt! Hurray for the skill of sewing….we can dress vintage everyday and sux to cheap Chinese imported flimsy t-shirts, studded gladiator sandles and those rediculous knickerbocker rouched 'clown pants'! Your vintage style on the other hand, is wonderful!! XXOO

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