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Butterick 8128

October 29, 2009
This is the pattern. Butterick 8128 probably from the 50s. I made the one on the left.
This is my fabric, cotton with tiny world maps.

It’s a bad picture, but the dress is cute and comfortable.

I made it exactly like the pattern, and the instructions were so easy to follow. It has beautiful details, like a nice kick pleat in the back, a fan of darts over the back, the scarf, tiny darts on the elbows and a cute button detail on the back waist.

More details and pictures here!

  1. yay, looks good! I have this pattern, as well, I'll probably make the one on the right, but with the longer sleeves, and it'll get pockets in the skirt if it doesn't already have them. Also, I'll probably taper the skirt a little towards the hemline.

  2. This is a popular pattern, I have it too! Thanks for the dart suggestion, and I'm inspired and I have some fabric. You really did such a lovely job!!!!

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