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Butterick 3610, Young Designer Clovis Ruffin

October 16, 2009

I actually made this dress last spring, but it was too warm to wear it until now. I used a medium weight cotton/poly blend jersey to make it. I usually prefer vintage fabrics, but for some reason I’ve found vintage knits (except 100% poly doubleknits!) hard to find, so I used new fabric in a great dark teal color. It’s really soft, washes well, and is warm on a chilly fall day!

I made a tie belt, and then found some beautiful ribbon for a belt (which I have not yet made). I had already sewn the buttons on using red thread, but I’ll redo them in brown. The buttons are vintage; they are carved from wood, made in Czechoslovakia.

The pattern is from the mid 1970s, and is from Butterick’s great Young Designer series. I had a page showcasing these on my website, but the page has somehow disappeared. I’m trying to find it, and just hope I do not have to redo the thing. But it is worth seeing because I have photos of many of the patterns in this series, from Mary Quant and Betsey Johnson to John Kloss, over 100 in all.

Update: Found it!

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  1. Love it. This is the kind of dress I would wear all the time. some of those seventies designs are so classic. scarves seem to be a little out these days, but this is the perfect kind of dress to wear with a neck scarf.

  2. I love this dress. And you did a great job with it. What fun I had perusing the link to the Butterick Pattern page. I was a teenager in the 60's and those designers were my bible. I had many of the patterns featured and recently purchased some Jean Muir ones. I am so thrilled that those great designs are living again. Did you know that the British designers were tied into the whole Beatles British music invasion? We loved anything British. Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy were the supermodels of the day.

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