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Any San Francisco Bay Area Folks?

October 27, 2009

Hi Everyone!! 🙂

Anyone here in the San Francisco Bay area who might like a sewing buddy? I have HEAPS of vintage patterns…see above from a very early sew retro post… (lots of them plus size! Yippee!) several vintage machines and I am a decent seamstress, but some of the fitting is just impossible to do on oneself! I’m good at fitting others and altering patterns and garments. Figure if I have a buddy to sew with, we can help one another out! I’d also love someone to do sew-along sort of projects with.
I’m in Vallejo but anywhere in the Bay area would be fab! This may be a shot in the dark, but who knows!


(Who is trying to decide on the next project, a semiformal for an awards banquet the first week in December. I need to get cracking!)

  1. Hi Angela!

    Sorry, forgot to leave an addy! Silly me. Posting before coffee!

    cybeles_crown at yahoo dot com is my email!

    Feel free to drop me a line anytime!

  2. I live in Milwaukee so I can't sew with you – but my gosh I would love to dive into that pattern pile of yours and just SWIM in it! Lucky you – that looks like quite the collection!

  3. Amazingly enough, that pic shows about half of my patterns. My grandmother was a seamstress, and I pulled this HUGE box of patterns back out of a dumpster when my dad and stepmother were clearing out her things after she died. I'm so glad that I saved them!

  4. Yes! I'm in the East Bay too and just starting out, so I would love a sewing buddy, especially one who appreciates vintage patterns! We need to get a sewing group started I think.


    contact me at:

  5. Hi Christine,

    I'm just now getting back into sewing after not having touched a sewing machine since I was about 20 years old. I'm 51 now!
    I don't think I sew good enough yet to be a equal sewing buddy, but I love the idea. I have just begun buying vintage/retro patterns.
    Maybe after a few months of serious practice I could give you a hand. I live on the Peninsula. My best for now.

  6. Linda – sewers of any level are welcome – we are all here to teach and share with each other.

    If you are interested in hooking up with us – email me directly off the list at – and I'll add you to the list we are putting together.


  7. I'm in the East Bay and ave been looking for something like this for a while. Being self taught (one year experience), it would be great to get advice from experienced people.


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