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Advance 2709

October 28, 2009

Sorry I haven’t been sewing! There’s been lots of work going on at home, hence why I have only just finished hemming and photographing my newest creation, Advance 2709.

I love this pattern! Its set-in, diagonal pockets. Its six-gored skirt. The fact that it has a provision for just a shirt-waist dress as well as the full shirt dress. (I only had four buttons, so I went for the shirt-waist. Also, I hate making button holes but love shirt-waists, so… that’s also a reason.)

I can’t say I love this pattern enough! Read more over at The Year 2050!

  1. Beautiful! I'm new here and I just wanted to say that your comments and pictures have given me inspiration! Thanks!
    I also have some vintage patterns that are marked "petite" that i need to give away.
    ( I'm 5'-10" and can't use them!) How do I go about doing that???


  2. re: ZipZapKap
    I can't help it! I just pout in photos, I guess.

    re: champagnejayne
    Are you thinking of giving them away to me? Or just having a giveaway in general? If it's to me, email me at . You can always have a giveaway through Sew Retro if you're a member, though!

  3. If you can use them! I also have some from the '70's that are great, but I just can't use them.
    I'll send some pictures.

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