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The Internet Craft Basket

September 23, 2009

The Internet Craft basket

I have come across some wonderful Sewing & Craft areas on the internet. this new technology is able to bring the old time sensibilities of domestic sewing into now. I have included some of the text which precedes instructions on sewing an apron. There was an organic approach to these crafts which has perhaps been lost in translation today….
What do you think?

‘Sewing without mother’s help; a story sewing book for beginners’ (1921)
“Then why not do something new your-
selves?” suggested Mrs. Gerald, as she
folded up the last bit of mending and set
her work basket away. “It isn’t as tho
you knew everytJiingT she added, with a
twinkle in her eye.

“Yes, but you said you had work that
had to be done this morning so you can’t
teach us and what should we learn any-

“How about sewing?” asked Mrs. Gerald.
”Really sewing — making something, do
you mean, mother?” asked Alice eagerly.
“Making something for ourselves?”
“Surely,” replied Mrs. Gerald, as matter-
of-factly as tho it was nothing at all, “why
“Well ” began Alice.
“Yes, let’s,” interrupted Mary; “I’ve been
wanting a new apron to wear to the church.”
  1. I'm glad you found some interesting stuff there. There is so much on the internet when you really start to look. As a Reference Librarian I love to find things beyond the basic Google searches. Watch this space and I'll see what else I can dig up! Enjoy..

    Vintage Vases & Antique Anne Blog

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