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Swing Time

September 11, 2009

I made this swing dress from a reproduction pattern and it was a long time in the making! 

The pleated shoulder parts of the bodice were quite tricky to put together from the instructions given in the pattern – I did do a trial version in calico and managed to get things working, but it took a lot of unpicking and re-sewing. I’ve blogged about it here.
  1. Mrs Bee – I did use a dressmaking doll. I struggled for years without one, foolish me.
    I was confused by prices and types and had been warned off the self adjusting ones because they could break and weren't too accurate. My (professional) costumier friend suggested I invested in the dearest one I could afford at my size and to pad it out where necessary.
    However! Another friend's son found an adjustable dress maker's form in a skip, unscathed and my size! Can you believe it! I've had to improvise a stand, but It's served me well so far.

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