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September 9, 2009

So, I’ve been a spending machine lately! I’ve picked up a few pattern packets and a vintage Lutterloh folder filled with 100’s of drafting models. There’s patterns in there from 1972-1974 and the coats and jackets are fantastic. I also got a Enid Gilchrist drafting book. More for sentimentality than anythng really. (My mum used to use them when I was a kid.)

So here are my latest additions:

This first dress is a Lutterloh from 1974. The blue & white image is still a dress, just with contrasting skirt & top. I think this would make a great blouse.

Another Lutterloh from 1973. I love the silhoutte of the checked coat. The volumn in the back comes out from a curved yoke with buttoned tab in the centre.

1972. I like this simple halter that has the appearance of the skirt threading under and up the bodice. Pity this style does not suite me!

I like the vest on this one.

This one’s sweet… but don’t know if this would look to much like a costume. Even in modern fabric.

I really like the key-hole version but I think I’d make it with the cap sleeves.

  1. Eek. My post did not look like that on the preview! Sorry that it got confusing towards the bottom. (And for those pesky typos!)

  2. Thanks for posting these images, they're fantastic. I especially love the swing coat and the dress with the butterfly collar.

  3. I love the halter dress from Lutterloh. I recently bought a similar pattern drafting system from eBay called "Perfect Fit". It uses the same drafting principles. I have only made one blouse so far (and it fit!) but this dress is just gorgeous. I wonder if it would work with my Perfect Fit system?

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