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Real Vintage- 20’s or 30’s?

September 23, 2009

My first post was a 1940’s dress with sequins that my mother-in-law gave me that that belonged to her mother. I mentioned a 1920’s dress that I couldn’t get on my mannequin. Well, on the day that I did photos with my sister (with the finger waves done at the beauty school) we snapped some pictures for you of this vintage beauty. It really isn’t as attractive on a body as I had imagined it would be, and now I’m wondering if maybe it isn’t maybe early ’30’s?? The dress has no closures and no shaping, so it slips over the head and looks like a bag straight on. The back of the dress (covered by the jacket) is very interesting, with a ruffle going all the way around the arms circling to the back. I’ve drawn a quick sketch for you. My sis didn’t want to show us her bra straps so she wouldn’t take the jacket off. In those days, bras were in their infancy, and were not very helpful for support, so flat unshapen dresses would be just fine. Being flat was popular, of course, and I remember stories of my grandmother wrapping her chest in kitchen towels to make her look more flat!

  1. It does look like the early 30s because of the lines of the dress and the lack of shaping. You are lucky to have such beautiful family dresses!

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