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September 21, 2009

I made this dress some time ago, but am just now getting good pictures of it! My sister came to visit so I took advantage of her willingness to model for me. In preparation, I sent her to the beauty school and asked them to give her a finger wave. They knew something was up because people don’t ask for finger waves- ever. They painted her nails for free!

Anyway, I think this dress is more 40ish, so it doesn’t quite qualify for the man men contest. I don’t watch network TV or Cable, so I wouldn’t be very familiar with the characters, but it would be fun to design something just for the fun of it!

  1. This is gorgeous! Your sister looks so chic and very well suited to the hairstyle and dress. I'd love to know what pattern you used!

  2. You did a stunning job on that dress, and your sister is beautiful. I am surprised the beauty parlor gals even know what a finger wave is! Very professional.

  3. Thanks for your wonderful comments! The gals at the beauty school did make a royal fuss over my sister, and she loved every minute of it! I have permission from Anna to tell you that this is my own pattern, Sew Chic #8404. I call it Constance. I sell it on Etsy:

    You can also find it on my *partially* finished website:

    I used sueded fabric, similar to mole skin. It's shiney on one side (the tie side) and suede on the other (the main fabric). If you make up this pattern, just make sure your fabric isn't too limp. I've made it three times, and it looks best with fabric that that has a medium amount of body to it.

    I'm glad you love it as much as I do!

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