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New to Sew Retro!

September 21, 2009

Sew Retro has been at the top of my blog reading list for some time now and the Mad Men competition was the perfect excuse to finally join up!

I’m Ash, I go by Smashsews on my blog. I design footwear full time and do brand development, in my own time I am a freelance illustrator, an avid costume designer, enjoyer of excessive amounts of horror movies and film festivals, and designer of clothing, much of which makes up my normal wardrobe. The 40s-50s-60s are particular favorites of mine as I’ve got proportions much like Joan Holloway and think the silhouettes are to die for:)

Very much looking forward to posting my Mad Men inspired designs on here, I’ve done Joan and Betty! I don’t have them photographed yet so for now I’ll leave you with this which was me in a 60s design for a James Bond commerical.

This is my sewing blog, feel free to check it out:) Thanks!

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