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September 28, 2009

First of all, thank you very much to Anna for allowing me to become a member of Sew Retro! I have been a lurker for a long time but finally got courage enough to join. My name is Jenny and I have been sewing for about 20 years; I come from a long line of seamstresses and am proud to carry on the tradition. I also work at a vintage clothing store here in Phoenix so I get to live the vintage dream, for the most part! We recently put on a huge vintage fashion show that was Mad Men themed, and I wore a vintage purple wool dress that turned me into Joan. ( The fact that I am a redhead didn’t hurt, either!) My good friend wore a dress I made for the finale of the show-I was inspired by the polka dot dress that Betty wore in the episode where she had her meltdown. It was a vintage 1960 pattern and new fabric. It was the first time I had ever worked with organza and taffeta together, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. It came together like a dream and I did tons of handwork on it. My friend’s fella ended up buying it for her, so I am very happy that it found a good home. It’s funny-I had planned to make this dress for myself a long time ago, but now that I have made it and my friend has it, I don’t feel the need to exactly replicate it for myself. I plan to do a variation on it someday instead. So, this is my entry into the Mad Men competition! (That’s not a real cigarette-we all had the bubblegum ones, just for fun. The fakes actually worked out really well!)

Here is my blog: I’m sorry-I still haven’t figured out how to make a link. I need to update the blog with the fashion show pictures SOON, too. I have a dress muslin I am working out for my boss lady that has to be done tomorrow, so the pictures will have to wait a little. Stay tuned! Jenny

  1. Luv, luv, luv both dresses. I especially like your purple dress. I had to enlarge it to see the details. It is such a great fit and the details are wonderful!

  2. Both dresses are stunning. The spotted dress reminds me of a dress I had in my 'dress-up box' as a kid. It's almost identical except the spots were all pink. I cringe now when I remember what dresses were in that box. I wish I had them all now!

  3. I don't care who you are, your photo is FUN! Great job on your dresses – your friend is lucky! It captures the essence of Betty's dream dress very well.

  4. Thank you all for the nice compliments! That polka dot dress was so fun to make, and my friend just loves it. The vintage purple wool dress has a matching jacket, but I won't be wearing that until about December as I am in Phoenix and it is still hot!

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