1. Kellie, your blouse looks great, I love that print and the bow with the tab closure.

    Also, for future use, every contributor to this blog does have the capability to edit their posts. Just relocate your post in the Edit Posts section and you'll see that you have EDIT next to yours while all others only have VIEW next to them. It's pretty cool.

  2. Hi Kellie, as usual your work looks great! I love following your blog 🙂

    And and lsaspacey said, you can absolutely edit your posts! If you click on the new post button, then on edit posts, then follow lsaspacey's instructions…

  3. Those pintucks are beautiful! The top looks great on you. I just checked out your slideshow and I fell in love with both of your black dresses. They are stunning. You are quite talented!

  4. Yeah, follow DeVille's instructions, I wrote relocate but I didn't mean to move anything. I just meant look for (or locate) your post there. That's what I get for not proofreading before I hit publish.

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