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Mad Men entry #2

September 26, 2009

Remember how my first Mad Men comp entry was for Jane, Roger Sterling’s second wife? Well, it seemed only fair to dress his first wife Mona, too. Initially I was aiming for Joan but the colour and slightly ‘older’ feel to this one made it destined for Mona. Maybe she’ll wear it to the divorce settlement.

The back of the pattern describes this dress:

“Princess-line center front panel . . . bodice side fronts and back have elongated waistline . . . panel skirt back, seam slits. Wide, deep V-neck in front, scoop back; soft drape goes over shoulders, curving into back collar.”

What I think is should say is:

“Princess-line blah blah blah…. Wide, deep V-neck in front, scoop back; flippin’ hilarious pointy star-trekky, dirigible-hostessy collar with architechtural shoulder annexes that will frighten anyone from mentioning your exposed dowager’s hump.”

Not sure if or when I’ll wear this but geez it was fun to make that collar!

I made it from a bargain-basement, $2-a-metre mystery stretch woven. Fabric has a nifty textured sheen, and since it’s stretchy, fits like sausage casing but required no zipper. GENIUS.

  1. Yours is the most entertaining (and accurate) pattern description I've ever read. You're hired! oh, wait. I don't make patterns. Dang!

  2. That is such a cute dress! Sadly I am not a sewer or creative person at all, but I stumbled across your comment on SITS and thought I'd come and visit you!

    You have a great blog! I'm so jealous & wish I had the creative gene….

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