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Mad Men Competition

September 20, 2009

There are so many wonderful entries to the Mad Men Competition already, but do keep them coming, you have another 10 days to enter!

Browsing the Mad Men official site I can across this section which is called the Fashion File. At the bottom of the page you can take a tour of the costume shop for the show!

A bit more inspiration for the week, this one was from last week’s show, episode 5.

Again with the plaid for Peggy, this time with a bow instead of a ruffle and slightly brighter colours.

This is one of the promo pictures I believe, Joan wears so many different colours, this one is actually pretty subdued for her but goes with her hair and colouring perfectly I think.

Another promo shot. We’ve yet to see Peggy wear anything like this yet, it seems a little bit ‘pretty’ and flirty for what we’ve seen of her so far, or is that just me? It’s more of a Betty dress to me but pretty no matter what!

I can’t find a full length shot of this dress from Betty’s drugged dream scene. It had a very simple full skirt if I recall correctly. I think the fabric is so pretty though and the bodice has some nice shaping to it to stop it from being really plain.

Kids and some pants on a woman for a change! I loved the neighbours outfit, the yellow was so pretty and it looked smart but casual at the same time. There’s also the very rounded neckline on Betty’s dress again.

And don’t forget the nightwear! Nothing like a good pair of pyjamas I don’t think!

Don’t forget that the prize is a $25 gift certificate to Patterns From the Past including free shipping to anywhere in the world!

Looking forward to seeing what else you all come up with!

Happy sewing


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