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Help dating a pattern

September 16, 2009

Hi everyone. I’ve just received this lovely pattern in a bulk buy, and I’m trying to date it as well as get a little more information on Weldon’s patterns, as I’ve never come across them before.

I’ve managed to get a little information and I’m guessing that this pattern may have been part of a Weldon’s Ladies’ Journal (but that’s just an uneducated guess), so anything else you can add would be appreciated!

Thanks all!

  1. If Weldon's provided mail-order patterns . . . unfortunately, most mail-order patterns were not dated, so if it didn't come with a mailing envelope with a dated postmark, you'll probably never have a specific date. Loosely: 1950's.

    According to the admittedly-fallible Wikipedia, Weldon's Ladies' Journal ran from 1875-1954, so this would have to have been sold before that, although not much before. Put it in the 1950-1954 range.

    Most of the images I'm finding online are from the 1930's, and it appears to have been a UK/Australian publication.

    Sorry, I can't find much.

  2. Weldon's were still making patterns into the 60s and maybe later still. Looking at the number and fashion I'd place it within the second half of the fifties. If you trawl Google images, there is a pattern with the same envelope design and price, but with a much lower number and earlier 50s fashion. You can find it at — about halfway down the page (under early 50s patterns). Don't know how many patterns Weldon's brought out a year, but it might give you an idea of timeline.

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