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BAD Sewing by Designers!!!

September 14, 2009

click on the detail pic and have a look and see what you think. would you pass it?

This is a blouse I adored in the 2006 Notebook magazine…it’s a blouse by Trelise Cooper a New Zealand Designer….but then I looked closer and notcied how crap the sewing is !!!

$350.00! for a really badly constructed piece of clothing..

has anyone come across bad sewing by professional designers before?? I’ve seen a few blog posts about this subject…and I have definately spotted a few designers that are notoriously bad foor terrible sewing.

it’s a shame really!

  1. There isnt much call for quality and excellence any longer. Most work is usually farmed out to companies only concerned with making money. Many designers cant sew and dont know what good sewing is. They were taught to draw and have someone else do the work.

    It really is awfull. On the other hand, that photo may have been used with a sample – that may be what happened. It may have been cranked out for the shoot.

  2. In one of Claire Shaeffer's couture books she shows a picture of a Chanel collar with wonky top stitching. I find it comforting that even the couture houses have their moments.

  3. As a professional seamstress(this is the only way I have made a living since 13 other than desighning and repairing furniture) I find it shocking some of the sewing quality issues I see. I am also always getting that my prices are too high(even when they are lower than most of the ones selling items with sewing I would not let an 8 yrs old get by with….I am all for more people sewing and designing, but lets not attack or get irritated when some one is more talented than you as DIY'ers or those of less talent….Places I have been seems the ones with the least skills are the first ones to attack others(professional jealousy, I don't know , since I am not a head game player. ones with skills are usually too business perfecting their skills to play games. Any way I am rambling….I think old school apprenticeship really needs to make a come back, like I had..KWIM.

  4. I have to disagree with you as I have seen some "DIY-ers" as you call them on this site and their sewing is a million times neater then this designer garment that retails for $350.00. I know I have very little skills…I'm certainly not debating that!! I suck at sewing…but the issue I have is that this is the quality that thise so called "professional" are selling in the market…I wanted to show everyone at home that is sewing that what they're doing is completely ligitimate and at times way better then the "professionals"


  5. I think I may not have been clear what I meant, when I wrote…I was not saying DIYers don't do a good job..What I was trying to get at was how other professionals attack each other….(Ie. people who sell or design for a living) not home sewers….I agree anyone selling better have skills..But seems like those of us who do are under valued and those who don't seem to have more clients than they know what to do with….For some customers quality does not seem to be the motivating factor. I hope that cleared up what I meant….I certainly was not attacking anyones skills in this group……And I am still a big supporter of DIY and those who try even if they still need to improve skills..That is all part of the process…..Just don't say pro unless you really are was the point I was trying to make and pro should not tear down other pro if said pro is itimidated by anothers skills. Hope that makes things clear…..I hope I did not make any upset that was not my intent……..Not at all…….Some of the best sewing I have seen on the web is on this blog….That is part of why I am here, it is inspiring on this blog….And the quality here is at a higher level than other sites I have run across. And I have not posted much since I have been recovering from my thyriod failing and putting me in the hospital. It has been a slow recovery.

    Kim Cherrine-Bell

  6. I find this odd as first read "Sew Retro: BAD Sewing by Designers!!!
    By Allison
    This is a blouse I adored in the 2006 Notebook magazine…it's a blouse by Trelise Cooper a New Zealand Designer….but then I looked closer and notcied how crap the sewing is !!! $695.00! for a really badly constructed piece of …
    I can't justify the price for the garment even made well but I do like your taste. Typically when you glow and feel pride it shows in who and what you are, taking care of ones business also means one day your in and the next day your not.

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