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September 15, 2009

There seems to be a rush of advertising posts appearing on the blog at the moment so I just thought I would clarify our position.

If you have a business that relates to Sew Retro (patterns, fabric, other vintage sewing items) please send us an email at sewretro at hotmail dot com and we will add you to the vendors lists which appear on the left of the blog. Please do not post about your business, the purpose of the blog is to showcase our sewing not to provide a forum for sellers.

Giveaway posts are welcome in moderation. I figure that everyone could do with something free every now and again so I am happy to see these as long as they relate to our subject matter. Please don’t make these types of post your only ones to the blog though and please do not post more than once about any giveaway.

After some discussion Angela and I decided not to have paid advertising on the site. We would like to see it stay a sewers forum rather than a site trying to sell things left, right and centre. We’re happy to swap links with vendors but we will not be telling you about sales etc. The only ‘advertising’ from vendors that is allowed is during the sponsored competitions and those posts will be written and posted by me. Customers are welcome to mention in posts where they bought a pattern, fabric, vintage buttons etc as this is useful information.

If you see something on the blog that upsets you, angers your or makes you unhappy or otherwise perturbed please contact us directly rather than posting in the comments about it. Again, our email address is sewretro at hotmail dot com. I sometimes don’t get a chance to do more than scan the posts during the day and oftentimes can’t trawl through all the comments. Please bear in mind when contacting us that I am a single parent to two small boys and that Angela has a job and a life so we may not get back to you immediately, but you *will* receive a response. Also, sometimes we like to consult each other before replying, I am in England and Angela is in New Zealand so there are only a few hours each day that we are awake at the same time. As the majority of our members are from America we are dealing with a handful of timezones so please be patient, as I said you will receive a response, it just may take a couple of days.

We will put a link to this post on the sidebar and in future any advertising posts that break these rules will be removed from the site as soon as one of us sees them.

If you have something to post and aren’t quite sure if it fits the criteria or not drop us a line with the content of the post and we’ll let you know as soon as we can whether it’s approved or not.

Thanks for your understanding and lets keep Sew Retro the wonderful sewing site it has become!

Happy sewing!


  1. So glad to see the comment. I actually stopped visiting this site for a while as it seemed many of the posts were advertisement for vintage pattern shop sites.

  2. Very well said Anna! Thanks everyone for your support… It's great to see that we made the right decision when we decided to keep advertising off the site.

    As Anna mentioned we don't always have time everyday to check the blog as we both have other commitments, but if you ever need anything just send us an email (click on the join up button and just change the subject field) and one of us will always get back to you as soon as we can do!

    Take care

  3. I'm glad that you weighed in on this…I'm a pattern seller in addition to being a sewist and even *I* was getting a little burned out on all of the advertising!

  4. Wow, you guys are amazing for squeezing this into your lives, and I for one, am very grateful that you do! Thanks for the clarification too. Useful to know as was thinking of making my introductory post a giveaway and wasn't sure of the etiquette. Thank you again!
    Miss P

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